We put at your service a team of professionals in technical engineering specialized in research and development, product formulation, processes and everything related to industrial machinery and productivity.

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Enjoy the advantages of having an R&D department at your service, with highly qualified experts in different areas, while saving fixed and operational costs in your company.


HIGHLY QUALIFIED PERSONNEL R&D R&D department is constantly training and recycling, specialised by sectors.


Make your company a reference in your sector.


Developments adapted to the needs and particularities of your product or company.


We have a high impact procedure and agile communication with the company.


Optimization of products, processes and everything related to industrial machinery and productivity.

investigacion y desarrollo empresa techmigroup

Outsource your Research and Development department

Enjoy the advantages of having an R&D department while saving the costs of having it in your company. Outsource your research and development department to leave it in the hands of a team of engineers specialised in your sector. We adapt to each company, integrating ourselves into it and functioning as another department of the same. 

We will always consult the protocols and lines of action established and we will act on the basis of them to save time and respect the essence of your business as much as possible. 

Our team has a broad background of knowledge, built up from experience with hundreds of clients.

One step ahead of your competition

In today's dynamic and changing business ecosystem, it is essential to have a research and development department that knows the sector and its competition.

A company's ability to adapt and keep up to date, responding to the needs of its customers, is no longer the key to success, but the key to its survival. 

Stay ahead of your competitors in the market by bringing the latest advances in your sector to your company with the least economic impact. We have a highly responsive R&D team capable of optimising your production, product and processes to consolidate your position in the market or propose new ways of doing business.

investigacion y desarrollo techmigroup


A team of engineers and consultants qualified in different areas capable of assessing your sector and your needs to strengthen and grow your company to the highest level. Benefit from all the advantages of having your own R&D department, saving costs and having it available when you need it. We provide a comprehensive solution thanks to the strategic alliances we have with the most important companies in each sector.



investigacion y desarrollo empresa techmigroup

1. Analysis of your company

Understanding how your company works is a basic pillar for us to be able to integrate into it with the least impact on your day-to-day life. We will carry out a detailed analysis of the different business stages, the different processes and a review of the production chain from start to finish.

This will give us an overview of how you are working, how we can merge with your team and what are the areas for improvement.

Understanding your needs at product, process and development level, taking into account the particularities of each business, and together with our team's knowledge of the sector, give us an in-depth analysis of the current state of the company, its strengths, the aspects that can be optimised and the results we want to achieve.

2. Research and development applied to your company

Thanks to the detailed analysis carried out, which gives us a real picture of the state of your company, and which goes beyond products and processes, together with the knowledge of the sector of our specialised consultants with extensive experience, we are able to propose the way in which we want to consolidate and grow your place in the market, always respecting the essence of your company. 

This review often reveals business avenues that have not been explored by companies and that can be a turning point in their business model.

We will draw up a detailed report that not only takes into account your company, but also your sector, with objectives set and backed by data and feasible deadlines in which your company will evolve to become a benchmark in the sector.

Investigación y desarrollo aplicados a tu empresa. Techmi group.
Afianza tu posición en el mercado y optimiza tu producción

3. Strengthen your position in the market and optimize your production.

We know that time is a key issue when it comes to research and development, and that is why, from Techmi group we have a high response to execute the implementations in record time.

In these dynamic business environments, you need a team that knows how to adapt to them and to all the circumstances that may arise. Having a direct and agile communication, such as the one we offer at Techmi group, is essential for this.

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