instalacion maquinaria industrial techmi group. Servicio técnico

Specialized technical service and 24H assistance in industrial, process and packaging machinery for maximum peace of mind in your company.



We have qualified personnel to make a quick resolution to any failure.


We train technical and operational personnel to guarantee the correct operation of the equipment.


We are at your side during start-up to ensure that everything works properly.


To resolve any incident in record time.


We have the necessary spare parts to guarantee your production.


Against any manufacturing defect from the delivery of the equipment.

instalacion maquinaria industrial techmi group


We know that the process of commissioning and installing new machinery is a critical and vitally important process for any company.

 Therefore, from TechmiGroup we are at your side to ensure the proper operation of the machine or plant, in person and also online and by phone, accompanying you throughout the process. 

We also carry out an exhaustive training of the technical personnel, in charge of a team of engineers and technicians who will also provide several manuals for consultation, covering all the processes and casuistry given, although you can always rely on our team if you have any doubts.

Servicio técnico de maquinaria industrial

Factory repair service

In the event of any incident, we prioritize your peace of mind and production, mobilizing our high response team for a first assessment in record time.

In case your machine is under warranty, we take care of all the necessary steps and keep you informed at all times. We minimize equipment downtime to guarantee your production.

If your machine is no longer under warranty, you have nothing to worry about. We quickly manage the situation by sending a team of technicians and engineers specialized in your sector to evaluate the incidence and we offer you a quotation according to the diagnosis of the machinery.


A group of engineers and technical personnel qualified in different sectors capable of responding quickly and effectively to your needs. We provide a comprehensive solution thanks to the strategic alliances we have with the most important companies in each sector.



SERVICIOS DE Techmi: comunicación de la incidencia

Communication of the incident

Contact us for any incident through the various channels that we have enabled for this purpose (email, telephone, WhatsApp, etc.) One of our technicians will assist you, making a first contact with the problem.

Our staff is qualified to analyze and diagnose the possible causes and offer you the best solution to reduce costs and the impact on your production. They will inform you of the next steps to follow, which will vary depending on your problem and your sector.

2. Travel to the factory

If necessary, we will bring equipment and spare parts to your plant or factory to minimize the time your production is down. 

The team of technicians will be in charge of a department of specialized engineers with extensive experience in your sector, capable of analyzing and responding to your situation in the shortest possible time, reducing costs and the impact of the incident.

We firmly believe that having a professional and trained team is crucial to offer a good service, so you are in good hands.

3. Reparación

Once the problem has been identified and the components required for repair are identified, several test runs will be performed to ensure that the issue is fully resolved. 

A detailed report with the causes will be given to the customer, which will help to anticipate future failures and the correct way to proceed in order to avoid other similar problems in the future. We consider this part to be decisive in order to offer a quality service.

Our commitment is with our customers, who are our priority and that is why our technical service is in constant training and specialized in the various sectors.


The equipment is delivered with a maintenance and exploded view manual, a machine operating manual, a program to help maintenance personnel in case of possible incidents and start-up spare parts. Contact us for more information other more specific training plans if necessary without obligation..

In fact, we also have several preventive maintenance programs that we recommend depending on your machinery and your sector. It can be contracted on an optional basis and you can contact us to hire it here..

Technical and operational personnel will be trained to guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment and also the quick resolution of any operational failure or circumstantial inconvenience.
It is also worth mentioning that we have technical assistance and spare parts personnel, as well as quick assistance by WhatsApp (which we will provide you with at the time of contracting) for technical queries.

A 12-month warranty is granted against any manufacturing defect from the delivery of the equipment.
For pneumatic, electrical and electronic components, geared motors and servo gearboxes and other standards used, the warranties of the respective manufacturers are carried over.

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